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Our Thoughts on Flash

Flash has become a popular method for adding animation and interactivity to web pages. It is commonly used to create animation and advertisements; sometimes, entire websites are written in Flash. Clients often show us Flash sites as examples of sites they like so we've written this article to explain why we don't use Flash.

  • For the most part, Flash isn't readable by search engines.
  • People who don't have Flash installed won't see Flash content.
  • Apple decided not to support Flash on the iPhone and iPad so people using these devices don't see Flash content.
  • Flash is more complex and more time consuming to develop therefore more costly.
  • Flash sites can take longer to load than standard sites.
  • Flash can break browser functions such as the back button and bookmarking.
  • Flash isn't accessible to people using assistive technology such as screen readers.
  • As Flash has been used extensively for online adverts, many people find it annoying and have chosen to block it. Flashblock, an application that enables people to block Flash, has been downloaded by over 6 million people - not something we feel can be ignored.

Opinions on Flash vary widely across the web design industry. At Mouse Will Play our primary focus is on providing affordable, attractive websites which are easy to use and are search engine friendly. This is why we don't recommend using Flash.