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Meet The Team


Helen Olney

Helen has been building websites for over ten years. She set up Mouse Will Play after a career in IT working as an Information Designer and a Usability Consultant. She has studied both technical communication and user interface design at post-graduate level.

Helen is passionate, not just about creating beautiful designs, but about making websites that actually work and bring value to her clients and their customers.

At Mouse Will Play, Helen's role is in designing and building sites, with a meticulous eye for detail, ensuring they're easy to use and are search engine friendly.


Richard Olney

Richard's involvement with computers goes back to the late seventies and the birth of 'home computers'. Following his degree in psychology, Richard wrote the first ever game reviews for Personal Computer World and published two books on computing. He has been programming for over 30 years and has experience in a wide variety of industries and programming languages.

Over the years, Richard has seen many technology trends come and go but his focus has always remained the same: to use technology to make life easier - not more complicated. He recognises that the needs of businesses should always come first.

At Mouse Will Play, Richard creates the behind-the-scenes wizardry for many sites including custom content management systems, web applications and eCommerce.

Our Friends

We feel our combination of skills - in design, usability, business analysis and programming - is a rare thing to find in a small company. However, we're not superheroes and sometimes a project calls for something outside our skill set. At times like this, we call on a little help from our friends. Over the years, we've built up many contacts including illustrators, photographers, print designers, mobile app developers, film makers and sound artists. So if you have a project that requires specialist skills, we'd love to hear from you.