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Website Design

This is not just a website, this is a Mouse Will Play website

All websites are not the same. Give the same project to ten web designers and there will be a huge variation in the way they design and build it (and their costs)!

There are many things to consider. Will it be easy to use? Will it be search engine friendly? Will it work in all browsers? How quick will it be? What will it look like on different screen sizes? Will it be future proof?

We consider all these questions when building a site and we believe that's what makes our websites stand out. To see websites we've built, check out our portfolio.

Easy of use

We've all visited websites where we can't find what we're looking for or get completely lost in a crazy menu system. "I want something that is easy to use" is the number one request we hear when we first meet clients. We're passionate about usability put this at the forefront or every single project we work on.

Search engine friendliness

A beautiful website is a waste of money if no-one can find it. Right from the word 'go' we consider search engine friendliness in all websites we build.

A good experience for all

Behind the scenes, a website is a set of instructions that tells a browser how the site should look. However, some browsers are better than others at following these instructions.

If a web designer doesn't test their website in all the various browsers and make appropriate tweaks, visitors using different browsers will get a different experience. We test our websites in all modern browsers ensuring all your visitors get the same experience.

Speedy gonzales!

Alas, not everyone has super-fast broadband and more and more people are consuming web content on the move using their mobiles. More than ever, it's important we consider speed when building websites.

Screens galore

Your website could be viewed on a vast range of screen sizes from the tiniest mobile phone to an iPad; from a netbook to a huge monitor. At the start of your project, we can discuss how your website will behave on various screen sizes.

Future proofing

You don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a website only to have to re-do it a year later. To ensure our websites will last, we use clean, standards-compliant, modern techniques. We work hard to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry so we're always one step ahead.

Web standards

Web standards are a bit of a boring topic for anyone outside the industry so we won't bang on about it. But just as restaurants have standards of cleanliness they should meet, there is a code of best practice to which websites should adhere. We love web standards as they mean a better web for everyone.

Monitoring your site

All our websites come with analytics as standard. This provides invaluable insights that can help you improve your business. You'll be able to see what products and services visitors are interested in - and what they're not interested in. You can see how they found you and even what they typed into Google. If you have adverts on other websites, you can see which ads are directing the most visitors to your site. Along with all sorts of information about your visitors themselves including where they live and what screen size and type of device they're using to view your site.

Social media integration

If Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ is your thing, we can integrate these with your site to help you stay connected with your customers.